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Lantana Ltd. is a full service communications company celebrating our 20th year of doing business in Southern California.
We are located in Orange County in the city of Garden Grove

Telecommunication Services:

Basic Service Calls:
Your local telephone company, Pacific Bell or GTE is no longer responsible for any telephone wiring beyond the place where their cable enters your building.( this is called the Demarc ) They can inspect, service and install wiring for you, but it can cost as much as $95.00 an hour. If you are having trouble with your telephones, and the problem is in the wiring in your building you will be charged for the service at their rates.
Lantana can inspect, repair, test and install new telephone wire for as little as $25.00 per half-hour. We will come to your location, and give you an estimate of the work required FREE of charge. We can act as your agent with your phone company, and assist with service changes, additional lines, number changes, new service, disconnects / reconnects, moves and billing questions.
If you have any telephone trouble, or any questions about the telephone wiring in your building, it is best to call Lantana first.
Telephone Systems:
Lantana sells, installs and services many different telephone systems, from 2 lines to 2000. Smaller systems can provide many useful features; including easy to use intercoms, speed dialing, call hold / transfer and conference, music or informational recordings on-hold, programmable dialing restriction, and door / gate controllers. Lantana can also repair or add to your existing telephone system, or move your system to a new location. All telephone systems installed by Lantana include two-year on-site service.
Lantana can service many larger PBX systems, including Northern Telecom, AT&T (Lucent Technologies), and ROLM (IBM). and can locate and install additional equipment; add, move or change station locations (AMC) and program ACD (automatic call distribution) and LCR (least cost routing). Lantana sells and services call-accounting and traffic management systems and can provide general communication consulting. All Lantana telecommunication services can be provided on a contract basis or basic time and materials billing. As always, estimates are FREE.
Panasonic Digital Systems:
Lantana is a certified Panasonic dealer and installer. The Panasonic KXTD digital hybrid telephone systems and companion voice processing products offer advanced features, simple operation and high reliability at a very reasonable cost. System configurations range from 3 telephone lines and 6 telephones to 24 lines and 128 telephones. An exclusive feature of the KXT systems is the Extra Device Port. On all digital telephones, a second modular plug on the rear of the set can be connected to a single-line telephone or device, such as a fax, answering machine or modem.
This can be programmed as an individual extension, allowing simultaneous use of the digital telephone and the other device. This valuable feature requires no additional hardware and allows great flexibility at each station location, illuminating the need for additional single-line wiring. Panasonic voice processing systems offer complete auto-attendant and voice mail features, which integrate seamlessly with the KXT telephone systems. To find out more about Panasonic systems, please contact Lantana, or visit the Panasonic web-site.
Communication Cable Plans:

Lantana can design and install all new communication cable, for telephones, fax and modem, overhead paging and intercoms. We are a state-licensed contractor for low voltage cable, and can work with general contractors on new construction projects as well as existing buildings. We can test, trace and map existing cable, repair or add cable as required. All work completed by Lantana on cable projects is covered by a 2 year, on-site warranty.


Computer Network Services:

Computer System Support:
If you are considering computerizing your business or already have computers, Lantana can provide information on hardware and software tailored for your specific requirements. Lantana is a certified Micro Express computer dealer. If you are considering purchasing computers, or would like information, please contact us. For information about Mirco Express computer products please visit their home page.
We also offer continued technical support for your existing system and can help you upgrade or expand. If you are relocating, Lantana can move and reinstall your computers with minimal "down time".
Cable Plans and Networking:
The advantages of computer networks are now obvious in even the smallest business. Lantana can design, install and service a Local Area Network (LAN) cable plan for your business. We can provide required software and hardware, configure your existing equipment for networking, or act as a consultant and recommend the best solution. To find out more about the network services Lantana can provide, call us for a FREE first consultation.
Holocomm Flexible Partition Cable System:
Lantana is an authorized installer of the Holocomm cable system for modular office partitions. Many modern offices install modular partitions for space efficiency and flexibility. Unfortunately the designers of these modular panels often forget that modern offices require communication cable plans that go far beyond a telephone on each desk. The Holocomm system makes the communication cable as flexible as the power bus in most modular panel systems. The cable ducting and patch cabinets are designed to match the color and style of the modular panels, and is certified for all types of high-speed data cable, including fiber. Reconfiguring the layout of a modular partition office space no longer requires expensive re-cabling, and the problem of loose cables and base-molding is eliminated. If you are interested in finding out more about Holocomm systems, please contact us, or visit Holocomm's home page.
Internet/Intranet and World Wide Web Services:
More and more businesses and organizations are using the World Wide Web, the Internet and internal web networks (Intranet), not just for dealing with potential customers but for improving communications within the organization. Let Lantana be your guide to this new and important communication medium. We can help you cut through the "hype" and evaluate the true potential of these new technologies, and discover how they might work to improve your business.
Lantana web-masters can create informative and interesting web pages, much like this one, and keep it up-to-date. If you are interested in a web page, obtaining your own domain name, or finding a host for your web site, contact Lantana and we can discuss your requirements and provide you with a free estimate. If you are looking for access to the Internet, either personal or for your organization, our partner company, First Light Internet Services can help! You may contact them via this web page, or call us at Lantana and we will get you in touch.

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